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    Since the development of the first site in October 2000, the activities it was designed to represent became broadened in scope from simple reflecting my own interest in the Arthurian legends to providing answers to enquiries about King Arthur and Camelot that were made by some of the visitors to the site. In response to this, I have now included some  information about the development of the Arthurian story from its first known written references, plus an outline of Sir Thomas Malory’s version of the legend, Le Morte D’Arthur, and a list of the principal characters named in Malory’s version. The content of these new pages is not exhaustive, but is, I hope, sufficient to provide answers to those questions that have been most frequently asked over the past three years and which may continue to be the source of future enquiries.

    While this is by no means the only source of information about the Arthurian legends available on the world wide web, and there are many excellent sites to be enjoyed, it is, so far as I know, the only site that tries to pursue the question of what happened to Arthur after the battle of Camlann. For details see the web pages About this site and Glastonbury.

    It is also now a site that is open to submissions from others. Any who wish to do so may submit an item of prose or poetry for inclusion here. The principal stipulations being that items submitted must relate to some aspect of the Arthurian legends, and that the person submitting must be the author of the work.  For details see the web page Submissions.

    I do hope you enjoy your visit, and if you have any comment or any suggestion that might help to add interest to the site or improve its content, please use the visitors’ book to let me know or e-mail me at the address below. I will be glad to hear from you.

    Site restructured April 2004 by Allan Scott.     



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